my zines at diy cultures

zine fair, diy cultures e-flyer . 2017
zines, comics & alternatives at diy cultures . 2017 (photo courtesy of reconnecting arts)

it's been awhile since my last blog post. let's just say it's been a pretty intense semester! i do promise to update my blog once the semester is over. i have lots to share about a few recent projects and my explorations in grad school, so stay tuned.
for now, i wanted to share info on this really exciting zine fair i am happy to be a part of. i was invited to showcase my zines at this year's diy cultures zine fair in london. reconnecting arts, a platform supporting middle eastern creatives, will be participating at diy cultures, showcasing and selling zines, comics and other independent publications by various talented creatives.
if you're in london this month, make sure to head to diy cultures on sunday, 14th may from 12-7pm. for more information make sure to check out diy cultures' facebook event page, as well as reconnecting arts' event page.
thank you reconnecting arts for the opportunity to participate at diy cultures. also, a belated thank you for this awesome article featuring a selection of my zines on your website, written by the just as awesome jaffat el aqlam.  
i end this post with the fun diy cultures 2017 e-flyer below. everyone in london, if you're reading this, head down to diy cultures.

diy cultures 2017 e-flyer . 2017


postcards from dubai

snacks & bakes cafeteria . 2016

wadi al narjes tailoring & embroidery . 2016

last year, i was invited by noor shamma to submit a couple of artworks for the postcard initiative, which is an ongoing initiative endorsed by the noor dubai foundation to help cure preventative blindness. these original postcards will be sold, and proceeds from sales will help cure blindness in developing countries.
above are the two submissions i worked on during my fall semester at risd last year. i was getting back into using watercolours for one of my class assignments, and wanted to use watercolours on these postcards as well. i really liked the end results, and i hope whoever purchases these will like them as well. i hope these postcards found a happy home, and helped with someone's eyesight somewhere in this world.
thank you noor for allowing me to be a part of the postcard initiative, and contributing to noor dubai foundation's amazing cause.


survived my first semester

end of semester final presentation . 2016

end of semester final presentation . 2016

end of semester final presentation . 2016

end of semester final presentation . 2016

end of semester final presentation . 2016

happy new year everybody! here's wishing 2017 to be a blessed and positive year for all.
as my first post for the year, i wanted to share my experiences from my first semester in grad school. just a few weeks ago i completed and survived the fall semester at risd. it took awhile adjusting to living in a new country and becoming a full time student again. also, as strange a city providence is, it has its charm and grows on you overtime. in terms of school, i'm truly blessed with what i've been exposed to so far – working outside my comfort zone and exposed to new sources of inspiration and research. with the support of my classmates and faculty, i'm understanding the basics of textile design; learning new techniques such as dying methods and understanding the use of colour and repetition for application in pattern, as well as refining my skills in screen printing for textiles.
the photographs above are from my end of semester final presentation, showing everything i've worked on over the course of the last four months. you can see there's a lot of drawing, a lot of colour, and a lot of pattern! that pretty much sums up the pillars of printed textile design. there's still lots of learning to do, but based on feedback, i'm happy to say i'm on a good track to growing and developing my skills as a textile designer.
here's to the coming semesters in 2017 being as positive as the last. stay tuned for more upcoming posts on projects i'll be working on over the next few months.


hounds & robyns

'hounds of love' poster . 2016 
'robyn' lp album artwork (front) . 2016

a final post about projects from my 'picturing sound' class – here are the first and final assignments i worked on during the course. the first illustration is a visual interpretation of kate bush's song (my favourite) '
hounds of love'. instead of a literal representation of the lyrics, i decided to create an illustration of a rock band called the hounds of love! 
the second illustration was for my final assignment where i decided to create an lp album cover. i selected one of my favourite pop singers and her self titled album, robyn. this is an important album in my music library, and i wanted to work with it as a final project. i was inspired by iconic 80's album covers to create the front cover portrait, and experimented with the typography for the title. i think the end result is quite powerful.
overall, the 'picturing sound' class was a real treat. i really enjoyed the course, and am very satisfied with the body of work created over the course of the semester. special thank you goes to the professor, calef brown, who was truly inspiring.
i end this post with the final artwork for the back cover of the album. other then showing you the illustration on the back, i also wanted to share with you the tracklist from the album so that you can have a listen to some great pop songs.

'robyn' lp album artwork (back) . 2016


belly dance disco

belly dance disco . 2016

here's another assignment from my 'picturing sound' class. titled 'genre mashup', the assignment asked us to combine two genres of music and create an illustration of it, combining typical visuals of both genres. i decided to combine disco with belly dancing – disco represented with the mirror ball and lit dance floor, while belly dancing is shown with the belly dancer silhouette and a repeated fez and moustache motif representing the male audience.
the final illustration is a repeat wallpaper pattern design. i wanted to combine my illustration practise with my textile studies and try something different on this particular assignment. i'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

stay tuned for end of semester posts and final projects...


east – east: vol 2

east – east: uae meets japan vol 2 evite . 2016 

'east – east' exhibition at chi-ka . 2016 (photo courtesy of chi-ka)

'east – east' exhibition at chi-ka . 2016 (photo courtesy of hind mezaina)

'east – east' exhibition at chi-ka . 2016 (photo courtesy of hind mezaina)

i'm happy to announce the exhibition i'm part of, 'east–east: uae meets japan', is being showcased once again. after a successful exhibit in abu dhabi (see previous post here), the show is now on display in dubai. if you missed it the first time, now is your chance to check it out.
'east – east: uae meets japan vol 2' is currently on exhibit at chi-ka, a unique art space that also sells one of kind kimonos, located in alserkal avenue. the exhibition opened on 13 november, and will be on display until 30 november 2016. i hope you can check out this really unique exhibition, in a really unique space. much love to all the positive feedback on my illustrated prints. 



kylie showgirl gig poster . 2016

here's another project from my 'picturing sound' course i'm happy to share. we had to create an illustrated gig poster that would function like a proper concert poster (includes name of artist, tour name, venue & date). i thought this would be a great opportunity to create a poster of one of my favourite pop singers ever - kylie minoguei am a super kylie fan, and have been to six of her shows so far. from costumes, stage projections, merchandise, and tracklists, a kylie concert is always pure entertainment. 
for the assignment, i chose one of the concerts i unfortunately didn't get to see. the 'showgirl: greatest hits' tour looked absolutely amazing and was one of kylie's iconic shows which was sadly interrupted and canceled due to her health. i really wish i got to see the show live back in 2005, but i do have the dvd to watch it as many times as i want!
there were many memorable costumes from the showgirl tour, one of the most memorable being the iconic blue feathered corset and headdress designed by john galliano worn during the show's opening set. it really defines kylie as the ultimate showgirl, and i wanted to include it in my poster. i used pen and watercolour as my main medium, and hand drew the type for 'kylie' and 'showgirl'. the end result is a banner like poster with the petite pop princess in mid air.
there's always room to edit work, and after a few iterations, i was satisfied with the final layout above. i hope everyone seeing this enjoys it too. and if kylie ever stumbles upon this online, i hope you like it too as much as i love your creativity and music. there is only kylie, and she's our favourite showgirl...