majlis al midfa

majlis al midfa . 2016

just around the end of my first semester at grad school, i was approached by shurooq to be one of their contributing artists to create an illustration used as trophy artworks. the theme of the artwork was based on one of sharjah's historical, traditional buildings, majlis al midfa – famously known for having a cylindrical shaped windtower instead of the standard, rectangular windtowers commonly found in historical architecture from the region.
my contribution was a simple black & white illustration of the famous structure. i do hope whoever is rewarded this illustration enjoys it and gives it a happy home...


carolina + jeff

carolina + jeff . 2017
carolina + jeff wedding invite . 2017

here's a short post congratulating my textiliar friend carolina on getting married to her special jeff. earlier this year, carolina asked me to illustrate the happy couple in my particular style, which would be included in their wedding invitation. the simple illustration you see above was printed as a card, and included in their wedding invitation pack. i was so happy to see how my illustration worked really well with the overall visuals of their wedding invite.
even though i've only known carolina for a year through the textiles mfa program at risd, i was truly honoured when she asked me to contribute to her special day through my drawings. unfortunately i couldn't be in mexico this month for the wedding as i'm home for the summer. but i am definitely there in spirit. congratulations carolina + jeff. i wish you all the best on this new chapter in your lives shared together. much love...


off the wall

primitive . 2017

memory . 2017

signage . 2017

home . 2017

here's a short post about a collection of screen printed wallpaper designs i worked on for a course titled 'off the wall'. the course focused on creating designs for wallpaper application; creating unique designs that work in space.
the designs above show the work i did in response to assignment prompts. to briefly describe each – the first pattern is a humorous ode to culture back home, the second, a memory of playing with my toys as a child under the stairs of my old home. the third is a collection of funny shop signs found around old districts of dubai, and the last design was a collaboration between a classmate and i about calling big cities our home.
it's interesting to see the collection altogether and how my style changed overtime. i had with a very polished, graphic style in my earlier wallpapers, and eventually moved to a more messy and experimental style with the latter. i really enjoyed the course and am glad i had the opportunity to understand working on a spatial scale. i look forward to working on more wallpaper designs in the near future.


year one done

a sikka story 2 (textile) . 2017

a sikka story 2 (textile) . 2017

a sikka story 2 (textile) . 2017

a sikka story 1 (textile) . 2017

end of semester review prep . 2017

collection phase 1 . 2017

in the studio . 2017

monuments box . 2017

end of semester review . 2017

i survived my first year of grad school! how time flies. it only felt like yesterday where i was a nervous wreck, making my way to america to begin a new chapter in my life. looking back, it took awhile to adjust, but the last year has definitely been fun.
this post mainly focuses on the project i worked on during the spring semester. over the course of the programme, i developed an interest in creating textiles for apparel. my inspirations came from a bunch of places, specifically looking at dress in the middle east. i heavily researched the idea of adornment, traditional attire from the gulf, and visual motifs or objects that define masculinity. using my experiences of dubai as a starting point, the project evolved overtime into a collection of textiles that performed as wraps for the male form, with motifs screen printed over the textiles that communicate the status of the male wearer when adorned with these fabrics.
i loved experimenting on the table with manipulating fabric surfaces and experimenting with dyeing techniques. there's still so much to learn, but i think i'm in a good place after completing my first year, ready to tackle with what's ahead in the coming year. stay tuned to future posts during my second year, and my thesis project (gulp!).


mezze wars

illustration for 'the controversial kitchen: making sense of mezze' . 2017
illustration for 'the controversial kitchen: making sense of mezze' . 2017
illustration for 'the controversial kitchen: making sense of mezze' . 2017
illustration for 'the controversial kitchen: making sense of mezze' . 2017

my friend isaac oommen and i recently collaborated on an article for the independent, online publishing platform mashallah news. isaac and i have been friends since high school, and it was so cool to have finally worked together on a project using both our talents. isaac is a great writer, and worked on an article focusing on the timeless conflict over mezze (middle eastern appetizers), and the claims to where it originates from. my contribution complementing isaac's writing was a series of illustrations highlighting certain sections of the article, including an illustrative portrait of chef anissa helou, and a humorous gif of the word 'mezze/appetizer' in various languages from the countries that claims its origin.
to read the full article, head to the link herethank you mashallah news for this fun opportunity. and to isaac for spearheading the project. to more collaborations in the near future. happy reading!


my zines at diy cultures

zine fair, diy cultures e-flyer . 2017
zines, comics & alternatives at diy cultures . 2017 (photo courtesy of reconnecting arts)

it's been awhile since my last blog post. let's just say it's been a pretty intense semester! i do promise to update my blog once the semester is over. i have lots to share about a few recent projects and my explorations in grad school, so stay tuned.
for now, i wanted to share info on this really exciting zine fair i am happy to be a part of. i was invited to showcase my zines at this year's diy cultures zine fair in london. reconnecting arts, a platform supporting middle eastern creatives, will be participating at diy cultures, showcasing and selling zines, comics and other independent publications by various talented creatives.
if you're in london this month, make sure to head to diy cultures on sunday, 14th may from 12-7pm. for more information make sure to check out diy cultures' facebook event page, as well as reconnecting arts' event page.
thank you reconnecting arts for the opportunity to participate at diy cultures. also, a belated thank you for this awesome article featuring a selection of my zines on your website, written by the just as awesome jaffat el aqlam.  
i end this post with the fun diy cultures 2017 e-flyer below. everyone in london, if you're reading this, head down to diy cultures.

diy cultures 2017 e-flyer . 2017


postcards from dubai

snacks & bakes cafeteria . 2016

wadi al narjes tailoring & embroidery . 2016

last year, i was invited by noor shamma to submit a couple of artworks for the postcard initiative, which is an ongoing initiative endorsed by the noor dubai foundation to help cure preventative blindness. these original postcards will be sold, and proceeds from sales will help cure blindness in developing countries.
above are the two submissions i worked on during my fall semester at risd last year. i was getting back into using watercolours for one of my class assignments, and wanted to use watercolours on these postcards as well. i really liked the end results, and i hope whoever purchases these will like them as well. i hope these postcards found a happy home, and helped with someone's eyesight somewhere in this world.
thank you noor for allowing me to be a part of the postcard initiative, and contributing to noor dubai foundation's amazing cause.